Gold Membership



Gold Membership Fee is P7,900 to be renewed annually.

Members are entitled to get a full chiropractic evaluation ( consist of 2 to 3 sessions) and three Family & Friend 30% discount vouchers on the following services including:
chiropractic evaluation, imaging analysis, report of findings and including 2 to 3 chiropractic spinal adjustments
Family posture screening kit, ice pack, participate in our different health awareness campaigns, recreational activities, and community services. Fee is only P7,900, which is about a 30% discount of the 6+ benefits as listed below*.
*Gold Membership engagement: P7,900 (about 30% of P11,050) Includes:
A Chiropractic exam voucher P2,900
+ 2 spine adjustments P7,000
+ Silver benefits P1,000
+ Ice bag P150
+ Professional Posture Screening
+ Participation in online and in-person events, Webinars, Missions, Interest-based forum groups, and Advocacies.